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Proposed Boundary Extension

The Ramsey Town Commissioners requested a review of the existing Town boundary and that a report be prepared to consider the making of an application to the Department of Infrastructure under the Local Government Act 1985,S.6(l) requesting the Department to extend, by Order, the boundary of Ramsey Town.

Documents and updates related to the progress of this application will be published on this page:

Initial Ramsey Town Commissioner Correspondence and Reports - September 2020 - May 2021

Town Clerks Report To Commission (September 2020)

Letter to Garff Commissioners

Letter to Lezayre Commissioners

Minutes of a meeting with Garff Parish Commissioners 25-11-20

Minutes of a meeting with Lezayre Parish Commissioners 16-11-20

Boundary Review Request 12-01-21

Boundary Review Request -Report - 12-01-21

Department of Infrastructure response 27-04-21

DoI Draft boundary review timetable 27-04-21

Town Clerk Report May 2021

Town Clerk Report May 2021 Appendix

RTC to DoI 28 May 2021


Proposed Ramsey (Boundary Extension) Order 2023 - Consultation


A  public consultation was held into the Proposed Ramsey (Boundary Extension) Order 2023 - this can be acccessed via this link - link to consultation and responses.


Proof of Evidence an Statements presented by Ramsey Town Commissioners

Ramsey Town Commissioners submitted the following Proof of Evidence and Statements to the Inquiry on 8th December 2023:

Tim Cowin Statement

Rob Cowell Statement

Tony Lloyd Davis Proof of Evidence



The Department of Infrastructure have published a timetable for the Public Inquiry which will take place at the Ramsey Park Hotel on 22nd, 23rd and 24th January 2024: