Photo: Peter Whiteway

Street Lighting

Ramsey Town Commissioners are responsible for providing and maintaining all the town's street lighting.

Day-to-day street lighting maintenance is undertaken by a contractor on behalf of the Commission.  Sometimes it may be necessary for the streetlights to be left on during daylight hours, this is to allow for the tracing of faults.

Where new development takes place, the lighting is provided by the developer to standards set by the Commission and then adopted by the Commission on completion.

In 2023 the Commission agreed to undertake a 2-year project to replace all existing non-LED lanterns. This project was instigated to ensure compliance with the Commissions Policy on Streetlighting, to provide cost saving with the installation of low-energy LED’s; as well as to work towards our Net Zero requirements. The project involves replacing the current warm orange lights with white lights. Until the project is completed the Commission will fit low-energy LED lanterns to all new installations and will be replacing failed existing lighting units with similar new energy-saving lanterns.

The Commission has a Street Lighting Policy which can be found here.

To report a street lighting fault click here or telephone the Technical Department on 810100.