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47 – 59 Upper Queens Pier Road (odd numbers only)

Ramsey Town Commissioners are refurbishing 7 properties on Upper Queens Pier Road, Ramsey.

The dwellings require a cost effective refurbishment of the external fabric that includes the render, chimneys, roof, windows, fascias, soffits and rainwater goods.  The works will also include a bathroom replacement.  The design proposals should provide a technically sound solution that will restore the dwellings to a weather tight condition and also significantly improve the appearance of the properties and the estate.  It is anticipated that these 7 dwellings will be the first phase of a longer term refurbishment programme for the estate and will lead to the refurbishment of the remaining 27 properties.

Ramsey Town Commissioners have been given approval from the Department of Infrastructure under Section 51 of the Local Government Act 1985 to borrow a sum to defray the cost of the refurbishment project.

The contract period will be 32 weeks at a total capital cost of £403,766.24 and will commence on the 16th September 2019.


Cronk Elfin

Cronk Elfin - before the pilot scheme
Cronk Elfin - after the pilot scheme

In late 2016, Ramsey Town Commissioners undertook a Pilot Scheme to refurbish a pair of semi-detached houses at Cronk Elfin, Ramsey.  The works included re-roofing, external re-rendering, new canopies and external lights, rear annex refurbishment, external garden fencing and bathroom refurbishment. The Pilot Scheme was funded from the Commissioners housing reserves fund.

The Commissioners subsequently reviewed the Pilot Scheme and concluded that the scheme was very successful and that the external fabric has been restored to a weatherproof condition which should last for at least 30 years and that the refurbished houses are very attractive and look like ‘new’.

The Commissioners have had approval from the Department of Infrastructure to borrow funding to finance the design team who can then design the required refurbishment work similar to the Pilot Scheme.  The design will require further approvals including planning and building control approvals and it is hoped works can commence on site in early 2021.

Close Woirrey redevelopment

The design development stage is complete and the building regulations and planning approvals are in place. The Mayfield sheltered housing complex is required to be constructed before the commencement of Close Woirrey.  Construction has commenced on the Mayfield project and is due to be complete in October 2020.


New Heating Boilers at Close Y Chibbyr Ghlass

The properties at Close y Chibbyr Ghlass have a communal oil fired central heating system which is sited within the Close Woirrey building. Close Woirrey is planned to be redeveloped when Mayfield is complete in August 2020.  Approval to borrow the funds for the boiler installations has been approved by the Department of Infrastructure and the Treasury.


Air Sourced Heat Pumps at Close Caarjys

Air sourced heat pumps, similar to the two already installed in Close Caarjys, are to be installed in the 16 properties that require an alternative heat source.  Work is hoped to commence early 2020.


Kitchen Replacements

26 kitchens have recently been installed under the Kitchen Framework Agreement.


Large Revenue Projects


Re-decoration of the Lezayre estate

This decoration work will continue throughout the Lezayre estate and will be spread over 2-3 years as budget allows. It is being funded through the Housing Maintenance Reserve Fund and Housing Maintenance Allowance.  The decoration is being carried out in-house and an independent scaffold company is employed to supply, erect and dismantle the scaffold.

Kitchens replacements at Close Y Chibbyr Ghlass


The kitchens units, worktop etc. will be purchased at the Kitchen Framework Agreement rates.  The installation work will be carried out in-house and will be funded from the Housing Maintenance Allowance/Housing Maintenance Reserve Fund.  This work will take place at the same time that the gas boilers are being installed within the kitchens.