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Repairs and Maintenance


You can report a repair or maintenace request via our Contact Us form, telephoning 810100 or by visiting the Housing counter at the Town Hall.

For advice on condensation please read this booklet.


Repair and maintenance requests response times

Emergencies - within 24 hours

Where an essential service has broken down and is likely to cause risk to you, your family or neighbours, your home or your belongings, we will endeavour to make safe within 24 hours.

To report an emergency out of normal office hours call 810100.

Please note that in the event of unnecessary or improper use of this service, you may be charged for the call out; for example where the cause of the problem or ability to repair is deemed to be the tenant's responsibility or has been caused by neglect of damage.


Urgent repairs – no later than seven calendar days from date of reporting

Repairs that can wait without causing major inconvenience. These will be done no later than seven calendar days after they are reported.


Routine repairs – within one calendar month

Repairs that can wait without causing inconvenience to the tenant. These will be done within one calendar month.