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Camper Vans

Photo: Peter Whiteway



The Commissioners permit the use of the area on the brooghs side of the estate road running to the north of the amenity car park and up to the Vollan pump station to be used for camper van parking during the spring and summer.  A small administration charge is applied for the issue of permits - this will be £30 for the 2022 season.  

The number of vehicles which can access the site is limited are available on a "first come first served basis".  Vehicles must only be parked in a designated areas.  The Camper Van Code can be downloaded by clicking here.

An application form for the 2022 season (4pm Friday 1st April 2022 until 30th September 2022) can be downloaded by clicking here. The completed form should be submitted to the Town Hall with the appropriate administration charge.  Permit applications can be made by post or by calling at the Town Hall during normal opening hours. 

Permits are required to be displayed by all vehicles using the area. 


Camper Van owners and their passengers are requested to read the notices adjacent to the entrance to the brooghs and observe any social distancing and public gathering legislation.