Coronavirus (COVID-19)


Further to the announcement by the Chief Minister that "Non-Essential retail" can open from Monday 18th May 2020 Ramsey Town Commissioners have been asked to pedestrianise Parliament Street between 10am and 4pm Monday to Saturday to enable social distancing measure.

Arrangements are being made for permits to be issued to companies who will require access to Parliament Street to undertake deliveries during this time. 

Permits will be issued on the basis that the following procedures are adopted:

- vehicles must not exceed 10 mph
- vehicles should only park in parking bays - they must not park in the roadway or on the pavement
- if barriers and/or signage is moved to gain access they should be reinstated once the vehicle has passed
-  Banksman should be used where a vehicle needs to reverse

If you wish to apply for a permit please click here.

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