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Annual Attendances

Paragraph 6 of Schedule 2 to the Local Government Act 1985 requires each local authority to  publish a report in respect of each financial year, which shall state:

(a) the number of meetings of the authority; 
(b) the number of meetings of each committee or sub-committee of the authority; 
(c) the number of attendances of each member of the authority at meetings of the authority and each committee and sub-committee of the authority; and 
(d) the total sums paid to each member under this Schedule during the financial year in question.

The report of Ramsey Town Commissioners for each year can be downloaded from the links below:

Financial Year 2016-2017 

Financial Year 2017-2018

Financial Year 2018-2019

Financial Year 2019-2020

Financial Year 2020-2021
Financial Year 2021-2022
Financial Year 2022-2023