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Public Meetings

Local authorities are required to hold an annual meeting in May each year together with at least three ordinary meetings, one in each quarter.

Ramsey Town Commissioners hold their annual meeting in public on the first weekday of May each year together with public meetings on the third Wednesday of every month. The meetings start at 7:00 pm and are held in the boardroom on the first floor of the Town Hall, Parliament Square, Ramsey.

The public are welcome to attend the meetings, access to the building is via the car park off West Street at the rear of the Town Hall.

The conduct of meetings is governed by the Commissioners Standing Orders a copy of which can be downloaded here

Section 27 of the Local Government Act provides for Standing Orders.  and requires authorities to maintain a Register of Suspension of Standing Orders which is available for download and will be updated periodically. Instances of suspension of Standing Orders are also recorded in the minutes of the meetings.  

The Standing Orders make provision for the debate of matters raised by Members of the public for discussion, further information regarding such may be obtained from the Town Clerk or Deputy Town Clerk.



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