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Area Plan for the North and West Consultation

Photo: Peter Whiteway

Work has commenced on a new Area Plan for the North and West of the Island.

An Area Plan provides a framework for the future development of a specific area.  It plans for needs such as housing, employment, community facilities and looks to safeguard and enhance natural and built assets while providing infrastructure to support these.

Early engagement through a “Call for Sites” offered individuals and organisations the opportunity to suggest sites for development consideration or particular uses within the North and West.  From this Cabinet Office has identified potential sites to be assessed for housing, employment and other types of development now published in the first formal stage of the plan process: Preliminary Publicity.

Consultation on the Preliminary Publicity is currently taking place and runs from 16 April to 25 June 2021.  Government has published all maps and documents for the process on its website at

In order to assist those without internet access the Commission has provided a display of the plans and reports related to Ramsey and the immediate surrounding area at the Town Hall, and has made arrangements for officers from the Cabinet Office to be in attendance at the Town Hall to answer questions from interested persons on the following times:-

  • Thursday May 13th 12 noon until 7:00pm
  • Friday May 21st 10am until 4 pm.


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