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Work commences on third prom shelter

Photo: Peter Whiteway

Ramsey Town Commissioners are pleased to announce that work has now started on the third shelter on Mooragh Promenade as part of our Shelter Art project.

Artists Karolina Pawlowska and Kate Summerville started work at the shelter today.

The art in this shelter has been generously sponsored by Town Commissioner Juan McGuinness and Ramsey resident Chris Glaister.  Mr McGuinness has been instrumental in the revitalisation of the shelters on the Mooragh Promenade. 

The first two shelters were completed in 2021 by artists Beth Louella and Adam Berry with support from the Isle of Man Arts Council.  These have proved very popular attracting visitors from across the island as well as much coverage in the local and international media.

Mr McGuinness commented “Whenever I have had the opportunity to travel the world, one of the things I am always drawn to in a new city is a vibrant street art culture, for years I thought that Ramsey had great potential to become a destination for that same reason rather than be filled with blank walls and I am lucky enough to be in a position to be able to contribute to making that a reality. When Chris approached me about how he could help keep the project going after the first two shelters were completed it was a no brainer for me to put 50% in alongside him. Karolina's work across the island has always impressed me and her collaboration with Kate at Baie Mooar Guesthouse in Ramsey was incredibly eye-catching so I can't wait to see their work given a prime location for residents and visitors to enjoy. “

Mr Glaister added “Having taken up running recently I've enjoyed seeing the addition of art to the North Prom brightening up a regular route of mine. When I saw that the Commission was looking for sponsorship to carry on with the project I wanted to contribute to the town and, having worked with Juan and the Commission on SprintFest and Ramsey Rocks over the past couple of years, reached out to see how I could help. I'm looking forward to being able to jog past the shelter in the coming weeks and see the progress and it will keep my motivation to exercise up when the weather is putting me off.“

Artists Karolina Pawlowska and Kate Summerville are pictured before commencing work on the shelter.


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