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Ramsey Bakery

Photo: Peter Whiteway

Statement by Alby Oldham, Chairman of the Ramsey Town Commissioners, regarding Ramsey Bakery

"The sudden announcement that Ramsey Bakery a well-run and well-established company is to close later this month has come as a great shock to Ramsey.  The bakery has grown from humble origins to be a significant business and employer in the town over the past 50 years.   Ramsey Bakery is a local business using many local ingredients ensuring that the Isle of Man has been able to bake its own bread, cut imports, employ local people and keep money here on the Isle of Man. The decision to close will not have been taken lightly by this family run business.  The implications of the closure will be hard felt in Ramsey and across the entire Isle of man.

We live in changing times, COVID has massively impacted businesses over the past 2 years and the war in Ukraine has brought about very significant rises in the cost of fuel and some raw ingredients.  The compound effect on the business will have been substantial.

It is hoped that Government support is being investigated to see if Ramsey Bakery can survive in some form and continue to provide high quality, tasty bread, and baked goods to the residents of the Isle of Man. The Commissioners are willing to offer facilities within the Town Hall to facilitate any meetings that may be arranged to hopefully find a positive outcome to the bakery’s future and any employee is welcome to use the computers in the Public Library if they need to.

Ramsey Bakery has made a fantastic range of bread, savouries and confectionery for the last 50 years and it will be sorely missed."


4th April, 2022.

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