Members and Responsibilities 2024-2025

Photo: Peter Whiteway




North Ward

Mr. A.R. Beighton
Ms. L.L. Craine
Mr. S.R. Kelly
Mr. J. McGuinness
Mr. L. Parker
Mr. W.G. Young

South Ward

Mr. G.S. Court
Ms. S Cottam-Shea

Mr. R.D. Cowell (Chairman)
Revd Canon N.D. Greenwood
Mr. A.J. Oldham
Mr. F.B.R. Williams (Deputy Chairman)


Finance, General Purposes and Establishment:

Lead Member - Mr. F. B. R. Williams

Deputy - Mr. A. J. Oldham

Works and Development:

Lead Member - Mr. A. J. Oldham

Deputy - Ms. S. Cottam-Shea

Housing and Property:

Lead Member - Mr. L. Parker

Deputy - Mr. J. McGuinness

Parks and Leisure:

Lead Member - Mr. G. S. Court

Deputy - Mr. L. Parker

Establishment Committee:

Lead Member for Finance and General Purposes, the Chairman and Deputy Lead Member for Finance and General Purposes.

Housing Committee:  

Mr. L. Parker (Chairman), Mr. J. McGuinness, Ms. S. Cottam-Shea and Mr. G. S. Court

Policy Committee:  

Lead Member Finance, General Purposes and Establishment; Lead Member Works and Development; Lead Member Housing and Property; and Lead Member Parks and Leisure.

Ramsey and Northern Districts Housing Committee: (3-year term to 30th April, 2025)

Mr. L. Parker

Northern Local Authorities Swimming Pool Board: (3-year term to 30th April, 2025)

Mr. J. McGuinness.         

Northern District Civic Amenity Site Joint Committee: (2-year term to 30th April, 2025)

Mr. R. D. Cowell

Northern Neighbourhood Policing Team Level One Task Group and Northern Traffic Management Liaison Group:         

Revd Canon N.D. Greenwood

Manx Wildlife Trust: (1 year)               

Mr. A.J. Oldham.

Northern Chamber of Commerce:

Mr. A.R. Beighton