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Members and Responsibilities 2022-23

Photo: Peter Whiteway


South Ward

Mr. G.S. Court (Deputy Chairman)
Mr. R.D. Cowell
Revd Canon N.D. Greenwood
Mr. A.J. Oldham
Mr. L.I. Singer
Mr. F.B.R. Williams (Chairman) 

North Ward

Mr. A.R. Beighton
Ms. L.L. Craine
Mr. S.R. Kelly
Mr. J. McGuinness
Mr. L. Parker
Mr. W.G. Young


Finance, General Purposes and Establishment:

Lead Member - Mr. J. McGuinness

Deputy - Mr. L. Parker

Works and Development:

Lead Member - Mr. S.R. Kelly

Deputy - Mr. A. J. Oldham

Housing and Property:

Lead Member - Mr. L. Parker

Deputy - Ms. L.L. Craine

Parks and Leisure:

Lead Member - Mr. G.S. Court

Deputy - Mr. A.J. Oldham

Establishment Committee:

Lead Member for Finance and General Purposes, the Chairman and Deputy Lead Member for Finance and General Purposes.

Housing Committee:  

Mr. L. Parker (Chairman), Ms.L. L. Craine, Mr. G. S. Court and Mr. W. G. Young

Policy Committee:  

Lead Member Finance, General Purposes and Establishment; Lead Member Works and Development; Lead Member Housing and Property; and Lead Member Parks and Leisure.

Ramsey and Northern Districts Housing Committee: (3-year term to 30th April, 2025)

Mr. L. Parker

Northern Local Authorities Swimming Pool Board: (3-year term to 30th April, 2025)

Mr. J. McGuinness.         

Northern District Civic Amenity Site Joint Committee: (Balance of 2-year term to March, 2023)

Mr. R.D. Cowell.  

Northern Neighbourhood Policing Team Level One Task Group and Northern Traffic Management Liaison Group:         

Mr S. R. Kelly

Manx Wildlife Trust: (1 year)               

Ms.L. L. Craine

Northern Chamber of Commerce:

Mr. J. McGuinness