Coronavirus (COVID-19)

We will provide updates below should there be any change to the way we deliver our services:

Northern Civic Amenity Site - updated at 1pm on 17th June 2020 The Northern Civic Amenity Site has now returned to normal opening hours and there is now no need to book an appointment.  Details about the site can be found here

Northern Civic Amenity Site - updated at 8pm on 9th June 2020 The Northern Civic Amenity Site has updated the waste it can accept - further details here.

Outside play areas including the Mooragh Park, outside exercise equipment & skate park - updated at 9am on 6th June 2020 - these opened on Friday 5th June 2020.   Users are requested to read the notices adjacent to the entrances of each play area and observe social distancing, public gathering measures and practise good hand, respiratory and environmental hygiene.

Skate park – due to a nesting seagull areas of the skate park will be fenced off.

Town Hall and Library - updated at 9am on 6th June 2020– the public counter (for the payment of rents and housing queries) and library will be open from 10am to 3pm daily Monday to Friday with effect from Monday 8th June 2020.

Library – please wait at the door of the library until you are called forward by a member of staff.  Those who only wish to return books can do so using the trolleys provided in the atrium.  The public access computers and Age Computer sessions are not currently available.

Visitors to the Town Hall and Library are required to observe social distancing and good hand, respiratory and environmental hygiene.

Mooragh Park Camper Vans - updated at 9am on 6th June 2020– this facility will open from 4pm on Friday 12th June 2020.  Space will be available on a first come first served basis and vehicle drivers must only be parked within the defined bays.  Users will require a valid camper van permit.  Application forms for permits can be downloaded from

Library and Camper vans - update at 6pm on 18th May 2020

Following the announcements today regarding library services and use of camper vans being permitted from Wednesday 20th May 2020 we will update this page once arrangements are put in place to open these facilities.

Tennis Courts - updated at 9am on 6th June 2020 – these are open to the public to use following guidelines provided though the Lawn Tennis Association.

Crown Green Bowling - updated at 9am on 6th June 2020 – is in operation under guidance and operated by North Ramsey Bowling Club.

Resources of retail outlets - update 9:30am 18 May 2020

The Department of Enterprise has provided a series of posters which can be used in shops to assist in social distancing.  This can be downloaded here, we can assist with printing if needed.


Northern Civic Amenity Site - updated at 10pm on 29th April 2020

The Northern Civic Amenity Site is now open for the disposal of household burnable waste, green waste, metal and wood only.  Please click here for details of the operational changes which include the requirement to book ahead of your visit.


Additional Refuse Collection - updated at 12.45pm on 24th April 2020

As outlined in our letter to householders delivered on Thursday 23rd April 2020 we will be provding an additional refuse collection to all households in Ramsey during the week 27th April to 1st May. 

The collection will be in addition to the normal weekly collection and will take place on a different day. The following table details your normal collection day and the date on which the additional collection will take place. 

Normal Collection Day

Additional Collection Date


Monday 27th April


Tuesday 28th April


Wednesday 29th April


Thursday 30th April


Friday 1st May

Bring Bank Sites - Station Road Car Park - updated at 1pm on 23rd April 2020

This site will be open from 6am on Friday 24th April 2020.  Users are required to follow the signage at the site and observe social distancing at all times.

Boiler Servicing in properties owned by Ramsey Town Commissioners - updated at 9.30am on 15th April 2020

Ramsey Town Commissioners, as a housing authority landlord, are legally and morally bound to ensure the safety of their tenants. This means that essential, safety related maintenance cannot be discontinued even during the current health emergency.

Therefore our heating contractor, Paul Wheeler Limited will be carrying out essential  servicing work on the boilers installed in properties under our control. The checks are to ensure that the risk of fire, explosion and carbon monoxide poisoning are negated.

Please give respect to the contractor and their engineers as they carry out this essential safety related maintenance work and ensure their area of work is clear and accessible and that you abide by the social distancing guidelines and keep at least 2m from the engineer at all times.  We also ask that you and your family remain in another part of the property whilst the work is taking place.

Prior appointments will be made by the contractor and if you are self-isolating or do not wish the contractor to attend due to Covid-19 being  a factor, please let the contractor or Ramsey Town Commissioners know and a future appointment can be made.   Pre-screening questions will be asked by the engineer before entering the property to establish those who are self-isolating and the wishes of tenants will be respected at this time.

Registrations of Births and Deaths - updated at 12pm on 9th April 2020

During the Coronavirus Proclamation Period emergency powers have been introduced to enable all registrations of births and deaths to be undertaken remotely, and the Registrar General has directed that all registrations will until further notice be undertaken by the Civil Registry in Douglas.

Any registration enquiries should be directed as follows:

Easter Refuse Collections - updated at 5pm on 8th April 2020

There are no changes to the refuse collection service in Ramsey over the Easter period. Please ensure your refuse bins are placed out for collection by 6:00 a.m. as normal. Can we also remind householders that the lids of all bins must be fully closed.

Playgrounds - updated at 11am on 25th March 2020

Please note that all Ramsey Town Commissioners play grounds are now closed. 

Housing - Repairs and Maintenance - updated at 5pm on 23rd March 2020

In light of the Coronavirus pandemic, please be advised that until further notice only  essential maintenance work and emergency repairs will be carried out.  We will continue to carry out the annual safety checks such as gas servicing to ensure you remain safe in your home.

If you have an emergency, we will still carry out your repair whilst making sure we do  everything we can to keep you, your family and our staff safe.  We’ll now be asking you a set of pre-screening questions before starting any works and before entering your home.  Our staff or contractor will wear personal protective equipment and bring cleaning equipment.  You will be asked to keep out of the room where they will be working. 

All property inspections and non-essential visits have been postponed until further notice .

Tenants are reminded that any instance of infectious or contagious disease should be reported to the Commissioners, this is a requirement under the tenancy agreement and under the circumstances will enable the Commission to provide support when possible.

What is an emergency repair?

An emergency repair is something that needs to be fixed straight away as it poses a risk to the tenant and their family’s health, safety or security. As examples this could be:

The loss of essential services, such as water or electricity

Major water leak (causing a flood)

Unsafe power or lighting socket/switch

Loss or fault with a fire alarm system

Loss of heating system

Toilet blockage or toilet not flushing (where there is no alternative toilet)

A serious security problem, such as an insecure external door or window

Major damage to the structure of the property.

Housing - Rent - updated at 5pm on 23rd March 2020

Tenants who do not already do so may wish to pay their rent via bank transfer or direct debit - this will assist those unable to visit the Town Hall as well as those who are self-isolating and social distancing.  Details on these payment methods are available by  phoning the housing or finance section at the Town Hall. 

In the event that you are unable to pay your rent as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, it is important to notify the Housing office as soon as possible and we will work with you to avoid formal action where Covid-19 is a factor.

Details on all payment options can be found here.

Refuse collections - Domestitc  updated 5pm on 23rd March 2020

Collections are programmed to carry on as normal. The bin must be at the kerb side by 6am and the lid must be flat.

Refuse collections - Commercial - updated 5pm on 23rd March 2020

We would be grateful if business could let us know what they would like to do with their bins during any closures during the pandemic. We could collect bins and return them once the business knows when they are to re-open or they must secure their bins against use by others.

Library & Town Hall - updated at 9pm on 22nd March 2020

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and to protect our customers and staff the following changes have been implemented with immediate effect:

Ramsey Library has now been closed

If you currently have book/s these can be returned to the trolley in the foyer of the Town Hall, alternatively you can contact the library by telephone on 810146 or by email to extend your loan.

The first floor of the Town Hall, including the toilets,  is now closed to the public.  Visitors to the Town Hall should report to the counters on the Ground Floor.

Events - updated at 11.30am on 18th March 2020

We organise and support a number of events in our premises and on our land many of which support local businesses, community groups and charities. A number of organisers have cancelled community events in the town hall and as the situation is constantly changing and it may be necessary to cancel or postpone further events to protect our community and staff.


The latest information and health advice from Isle of Man Government can be found from the following link



Following the introduction of emergency measures by the Isle of Man Government Chairman of Ramsey Town Commissioners, Andy Cowie, commented:

"Ramsey Town Commissioners are conscious of the significant impact these restrictions will have on commercial operations within Ramsey, particularly in the hospitality sector.

We are also aware of the considerable public concern, particularly amongst more vulnerable residents, caused by the incessant press coverage of the Coronavirus pandemic.

We have made plans for the operation of the Commission’s business within a precautionary phase and also made contingency plans to mitigate against the possible impact of absent staff, who may have been affected by the illness itself or the need to self-isolate.

We will ensure that we have facilities available to meet the needs of our ratepayers and continue the smooth running of the town whilst considering the safety of our staff, customers and ratepayers."

We will provide updates below should there be any change to the way we deliver our services:


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