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Bye-Election 3 Vacancies North Ward 2021

Photo: Peter Whiteway

Notice of Election to fill 3 casual vacancies in Ramsey North Ward, resulting from insufficient nominations to fill those positions at the July 2021 General Election, will be given on 19 October 2021.

The Notice will be published in the local papers and on this webpage.

Nomination papers can be obtained from the town hall and downloaded here.

Instructions as to submission of nominations and absent voters are provided in the Notice of Election.

A public hustings meeting will be held at 7pm on Friday 19th November 2021 at Ree Gorree hall, Bunscoill Rhumsaa.  A meet and greet event is also be held between 6pm and 8pm on Monday 22nd November 2021 at the Town Hall.  Candidates have been invited to attend each event.

An application to be treated as an absent voter must be made in accordance with the instructions contained within the Notice of Election.

Notice of Election Issued 19 October 2021. 

List of Nominations Issued 1 November 2021

List of Nominations after Withdrawals and Objections 2 November 2021

Notice of Poll

Application to be treated as an absent voter  applications close at 5pm on Thursday 18th November 2021.


All the candidates for the poll on 25th November 2021 have been invited to provide a copy of their manifesto for inclusion on the Commissions website. Where they have been provided these can be viewed by clicking on the candidates name below:-