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Ramsey Dog Control Byelaws 2017

Following a public consultation Ramsey Town Commissioners have amended the Ramsey Dog Control Byelaws to extend areas in the town where dogs are prohibited.

Under the revised byelaws, which came into effect on September 1, 2017, an extended area surrounding the rugby pitch on the Mooragh amenity site and the entire Bunscooill Rhumsaa site are among those where dogs are now prohibited.

Dogs remain prohibited from all areas previously covered by the byelaws, including Mooragh Park, the BMX track and skate park.

Maps indicating areas where dogs are prohibited and open spaces where they may not be at large and from which faeces must be removed are to be erected around the Mooragh estate.

Ramsey Town Commissioners' lead member for finance and general purpose Juan McGuinness said: 'It's been a long six months since we consulted with our residents over the Ramsey Dog Control Byelaws and subsequently agreed to maintain existing prohibited areas in the town and extend the area surrounding the rugby pitch at the Mooragh.

'Following a request from the Department of Education and Children it has also been agreed to include the whole Bunscoill Rhumsaa site as a prohibited area, which I believe works in conjunction with the prohibited areas at the Mooragh, promoting clean facilities for the town's residents and visitors.

'These new areas will be well sign-posted to ensure dog owners are fully aware of the new restrictions to hopefully avoid accidental infraction.

'Ramsey has wonderful beaches and open spaces, such as Poyll Dooey, for dogs and their two-legged friends to enjoy exercise and the beautiful surroundings the town has to offer. I look forward to seeing continued enjoyment and use by the many conscientious dog owners. I am ever hopeful that there will be no need to caution anyone for failing to clean up after their furry friends.'

Failure to comply with the Ramsey Dog Control Byelaws is an offence which attracts a £50 fixed penalty or, upon summary conviction, a fine of up to £1000.

The Ramsey Dog Control Byelaws 2017 can be viewed at