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Ramsey Churches Information

The following ‘Ramsey Church Information Pages' were produced by the year 6 (2015) pupils at Bunscoill Rhumsaa, as part of a Religious Education topic called, "Worship and The Community."


The leaders of each of the ten churches based in Ramsey, came to the school and took part in discussion sessions with the children. Following on from these sessions information pages were produced by the children, on behalf of the churches, and then uploaded to this website. It is hoped that the details which the children have gathered, will help the local community and any visitors to Ramsey, to be able to easily access information about the various churches in the town.


Although the information on these pages has been collated and produced by the children, it has been approved and verified by each of the church leaders. Thanks goes to both the children for their work and enthusiasm and to all the church leaders for their co-operation and encouragement throughout this topic.


If you notice any errors on this page please contact the Commissioners or the Church Leader and we will be please to update the information.

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