Ramsey Town Commissioners

Town Hall, Ramsey, Isle of Man, IM8 1RT - Tel: + 44 (0)1624 810100


Commissioners elected

The island-wide local authority general elections take place on Thursday, 28th April, 2016.   There are six seats in each of the two Wards for Ramsey for which nominations were sought.

At the close of nominations on 5th April, 2016, there had been eight papers submitted for the six seats in North Ward and five papers submitted for the six seats in South Ward.

The Returning Officer, Richard Radcliffe,C.T.C.,J.P., attended the Town Hall at

2 p.m. on 6th April, and confirmed receipt of a notice of withdrawal in respect of one candidate for North Ward (the candidate had been nominated in both North and South Wards).   A poll was declared for North Ward however consequent to the death of Christopher Mayers, the six remaining candidates have now been declared elected to serve from 1st May 2016.   The candidates elected to serve are:-

             Eric Robert Corkish of   1, Faaie Wyllin, Lezayre Road, Ramsey.

             Andrew George Cowie of   "Wencling", Grove Mount, Ramsey.

             Lawrie Lee Hooper of   "The Rigs", Mount Auldyn, Ramsey.

             Juan McGuinness of   47, Greenlands Avenue, Ramsey.

             Luke Parker of, 31, Rheast Mooar Lane, Ramsey.

             Wilfred George Young of Young's Yard, Derby Road, Ramsey.

South Ward had one less candidate than seats available; the five candidates have been declared elected to serve from 1st May 2016.

             Patrick Stephen Ayres of 5, Brookfield Crescent, Ramsey.

             Huard Steven Bevan of, 43, Greenlands Avenue, Ramsey.

             William Laurance Hankin of, 2, Albert Street, Ramsey.

             Albert James Oldham of, 41, Cronk Elfin,Ramsey.

             Michelle Bernadette Quayle of, 5, Dale Street, Ramsey.

With only five candidates in South Ward a bye-election will be needed, notice of which will be given in accordance with statute.   Neither the Local Elections Act nor the Representation of the People Act have provision which deals with a failure to obtain sufficient valid nominations to fill the number of seats available during a local authority general election, except that which covers a failure to obtain sufficient members to provide a quorum within a local authority.   The matter is therefore dealt with as if it were a casual vacancy which does not occur until the existing members come out of office on the 1st May, 2016, (Local Elections Act 1986 Section 5).   At that time a declaration of vacancy will (Local Elections Act 1986 Section 14) have to be made and that, having regard to Rule 4 of the Local Election Rules 2003, this will occur on Tuesday, 3rd May, the 1st (Sunday) and 2nd (Bank Holiday) being excluded days.