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Lanes progress and Quayside Parking improvements

The first phase of a major regeneration project in Ramsey will provide improved pedestrian access to the town centre, greater visual appeal and additional parking.

The work on ‘The Lanes', undertaken as part of the Isle of Man Town and Village Regeneration Scheme, is set to be completed on October 16 – on time and within budget.  It will also act as a forerunner for future proposals to create a new focal point for Ramsey in the area around the Courthouse and Market Place.

The initial phase of plans to revitalise the commercial heart of Ramsey is centred on upgrading pedestrian links via Old Post Office Lane, Old Courier Lane and Collins Lane.  This has involved the artistic interpretation of the history of The Lanes, along with the installation of natural stone paving and ground-level street lighting.

The removal of local pigeon roosts is being tackled with adjoining landowners and pigeon spikes will be introduced at a number of locations before work is completed.

In conjunction with the regeneration plans, the Department of Infrastructure has reviewed existing parking provision and sought to increase the number of on-street parking spaces available for public use.  This has resulted in a proposal to introduce chevron parking on the quay side of West Quay, which is within 60 metres of the town centre and provides direct pedestrian access to Parliament Street through the three improved lanes.

The proposal will provide an additional 15 spaces, taking the total number available on West Quay to 115, including disabled spaces. It will also allow for the continued use of West Quay for commercial and harbour traffic.  In addition, ‘build outs' are proposed at Collins Lane, East Street, Courier Office Lane and Old Post Office Lane to improve pedestrian access and safety on West Quay.

The planning application for the second phase of the Ramsey regeneration project is currently being assessed. These proposals seek to enhance the heart of Ramsey town centre by providing a welcoming place for residents and visitors around the Courthouse and Market Place. 

Chairman of the Ramsey Regeneration Committee, Allan Bell, said: ‘I am pleased the first phase of regeneration works is nearing completion. The experience gained during these works will significantly reduce disruption when undertaking the vital second regeneration project in the town centre. The provision of convenient town centre car parking is a key issue for the town and I welcome the additional parking on West Quay prior to the commencement of regeneration work on Parliament Street next year.'