Ramsey Town Commissioners

Town Hall, Ramsey, Isle of Man, IM8 1RT - Tel: + 44 (0)1624 810100



An important opportunity for regeneration of Ramsey is being created with the first stages of demolition of Albert Road School this week.   Paint pots, scaffolding and cherry pickers are springing up in Ramsey's regeneration area as commercial property owners there successfully apply for grants to smarten up their frontages.   A further two grants to shopkeepers have just been approved.


Phase 1 of the regeneration is starting very soon and the Regeneration Committee is already finalising the design details for Phase 2 – the square around the Courthouse, Market Hill and East Street – so that a planning application can be submitted in May.  

Seating, signage and interactive information points, distinctively branded for Rhumsaa, will complement quality road surfacing and carefully designed street layouts, in line with the outcomes of the public consultation.   Many people have stressed the need to attract visitors from the station and coach drop-off point through the town and up to Mooragh Park, so the Committee has positioned the signs and information points to achieve that.


Regeneration Committee Chairman, Allan Bell MHK, said "Our regeneration plan is the strategy to revitalize Ramsey.   But it will be the details of the design which will give Ramsey a distinctive style and make the town really attractive for residents and visitors."


Watch out for the Phase 2 drawings, which will be up in the Town Hall and on the Courthouse noticeboard.   For more information about Ramsey's regeneration, contact Caroline Bull at caroline@chrysalis.co.im or 07624 470636.