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Ramsey gets green light for regeneration

Planning approval has just been given for Phase 1 of Ramsey's Regeneration.   It's all systems go for the Lanes between Parliament Street and The Quay which will be made brighter and smarter with new surfacing and lighting.   Literary and visual artists are being invited to develop ideas for each of the lanes to bring their history to life.


Allan Bell, Chairman of the Ramsey Regeneration Committee, referred to the recent announcement of a new hotel to be developed in Ramsey, complementing the new swimming pool, bowling alley development and significant expenditure on housing for the town and said "It's all starting to move in Ramsey now and there's more to come. New applications to refurbish properties in the regeneration area are coming in regularly."  


Property owners and businesses in the regeneration area have been having their say on the improvements in the Lanes and Phases 2 and 3 of the Regeneration, which include the Courthouse, East Street, Market Hill and Market Place.  Resulting amendments to the scheme will help business owners concerned to maintain access for deliveries. There have been some worries about parking capacity as areas are upgraded but demolition starting soon at Albert Road School will provide around 65 surface level parking spaces, with the possibility of a multi-storey car park on that site or nearby later.  


Dyras Holdings have successfully applied for a grant from the Regeneration Fund to upgrade their building near the Courthouse and say: "We've been keen to make improvements and the grant has helped us do that sooner than we'd expected.   We're delighted to support the regeneration of the town."


Brian Kelly of Mann Link Travel has just heard that he has also been successful in his application for funding to refurbish his shop front in Parliament Street and says: "This will improve the image of our business and support the regeneration of Ramsey".


For more information about Ramsey's Regeneration, contact Caroline Bull at caroline@chrysalis.co.im or 07624 470636.


18th March 2011