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Audi TT comes to Ramsey

As part of the 20th anniversary celebrations of the Audi TT there will be a special event in front of Ramsey Courthouse this week. The event rounds off a week where Audi AG Germany has held its first ever major product launch in the British Isles.  

Audi TTs will be in a line-up at the centre of Ramsey on Friday 20th July between 11.00am and 12.30pm. There will be a chance to view the cars at close quarters and to take photographs. Audi's experts will be on-hand to explain about the cars and answer questions. They will be accompanied by local TT star Richard "Milky" Quayle. All are welcome including local residents and press.

Andy Cowie, Chairman of Ramsey Town Commissioners commented: "Ramsey Town Commissioners are pleased to welcome the new Audi TT to the heart of Ramsey's town centre. It is good to see Ramsey and the Island being part of a global launch for such a well-known brand. The Audi TT has a lot in common with Ramsey's philosophy in that it presents a dynamic and modern approach to motoring but respects both the heritage and environmental impact of the brand. We wish them every success with the launch."

Benedikt Still from Audi said: "The visiting journalists have been thrilled both with the Isle of Man and the Audi TT, many of them describing it as a once in a lifetime experience to drive the closed Mountain Course. We were most pleased by the warm welcome we received from the Manx people. The combined potential worldwide reach of the publications and media involved in this press visit is over 30 million people."  

Minister for Enterprise Laurence Skelly said: "The huge amount of coverage to be generated by working in partnership with Audi is a superb opportunity to showcase the Isle Man internationally."  

Richard "Milky" Quayle said: "I'm looking forward to welcoming everyone to Ramsey this Friday to check out the cars. It's been great to share the Isle of Man's story with so many visiting journalists from all over the world. They have been wowed by the scenery and fascinated by the Island's motorsport and its historical links with Audi."