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Adult exercise equipment

A range of outdoor adult exercise equipment, Xerscape by Wicksteed Leisure Limited, has been installed at the Mooragh Park.  

The equipment is the first of its type installed on the Isle of Man. 

The £30,000 cost of the scheme was met by the Commission in partnership with the Department of Local Government and the Environment which provided a grant of £7,780.  Installation was carried out by the Commissioners' own workforce.

Before proceeding with the scheme the Commission consulted with Manx Sport and Recreation, who operate Walk and Talk sessions at the park, and with the Health Services occupational therapists, who recognised the community health benefits the facility will provide.

The equipment is suitable for ages 12 and over, each unit featuring a simple step-by-step user guide, the sequence in which to use each piece, and how many repetitions should be achieved, depending on the user's level of fitness. 


The equipment is located around the lake perimeter path allowing users to walk, or jog, between exercise stations to obtain maximum health benefits. 




Leg press

Pull down exerciser